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VN shares foreign policy with foreign legislators
Cập nhật lúc: 11:04 | 03-04, 2015

Deputy PM, FM Pham Binh Minh on Monday shared Viet Nam’s foreign policy with nearly 2,000 participants to the plenary session of the ongoing 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly.

Deputy PM, FM affirmed that the foreign policy aims to achieve peace, cooperation and development, thus the country expects to be come a reliable friend and partner of all nations and a responsible member of the international community.

Viet Nam always attaches importance to friendly relations with all countries, especially neighboring and regional countries, perseveringly strives to work with the global community to build a fair and equal international order on the basis of multilateralism, the UN Charter and international laws.

The Southeast Asian country also appreciates the role and voice of multi-lateral institutions and forums which deal with security and development issues. It is now an active and responsible member of a number of international organizations and forums like the UN, ASEA, APEC, ASEM among others.

As the host of the IUP-132, Viet Nam hopes to make real and effective contributions to the operation of the Union.

Deputy PM, FM Minh said Viet Nam has been actively contributing to maintaining international peace and security, stepping up cooperation among nations.

Since 2014, Viet Nam officially joined UN-led peace-keeping operations, sharing successful stories of poverty reduction, gender equality, and implementation of the MDGs with friends from Asia to Africa. The country’s contributions to joint efforts in settling global issues like food security, water security, sustainable development and gender equality have been highly valued by the international community.

In the region, Viet Nam has been working with other ASEA members to accelerate ASEAN Community building, foster cooperation between ASEAN and its partners in order to formulate a stable architecture based on rules and common standards in which ASEAN take the central role.

He said that ASEAN is proving itsself that the future of the region can be shaped through cooperation instead of confrontation.

Viet Nam pledges to work with ASEA members to further enhance relations with external partners in a bid to turn Asia-Pacific into a region of peace, cooperation and development.

To achieve the objective, Deputy PM, FM Minh said all countries need to build strategic confidence, strengthen cooperation to seek long-term and satisfactory solutions to challenges, especially territorial, sea and island disputes

Particularly, big countries need to demonstrate their role and responsibility, respect legitimate interests of small ones and take no actions that may further complicate the situation in the region.

Deputy PM, FM Minh reiterated that Viet Nam consistently pursues the position of respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, protests against all acts of violence or threats to use force. All disputes must be settled through peaceful measures on the basis of international law, especially the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and common codes of conduct in the region.

National stances and interests may differ from country to country but all share the common desire of a world order which is built on the basis of international law, said Deputy PM, FM Minh, adding that parliaments play an important role in realizing that desire./.